Each animal has its own innate and unique gifts, as do humans. Animals, however, “know” who they are and what their purpose is on this plane of existence. As humans we sometimes struggle with who we are, our purpose, and how to navigate in this realm of over-stimulation and expectations. We may lose sight of our intuitive nature. Animals live through their intuitive nature. Animals are territorial and they instinctively protect their space. They will set boundaries with humans when necessary. Setting healthy boundaries from the human perspective can be challenging. When sitting and socializing with these animals in their “home”, it can assist humans in introducing/reintroducing the importance of how we show up int he world and who or what we allow in our environment.



Aala came to us from New Mexico. A woman was taking care of her and realized that she and her brother needed natural space and freedom.. She is approximately 3 years old and has an alpha personality. She does like to scent rub people and is quite territorial with her space, particularly when food is buried in her special places.


(Gentle/Spirit Guide)

Kamali is Aala’s brother and they have never been apart since birth. Kamali is like an adolescent male. He likes to play and steal phones or anything shiny. He is a gentle spirit and fun-loving.


(Pronounced Oh • toe • me) (Fierce Warrior)

Otomi was surrendered by individuals in Arkansas. He was a frightened boy when being transported. He lives with Aala and Kamali and is a lower member of the pack. He seems to love his pack and likes to play.


Cree is a surrendered animal from Indiana. He is very alpha in nature and yet females put him in his place. He has not had much social interaction with his 4-legged brothers and sisters and is still learning. His eyes reflect a wise soul.


(Enlightened One)

Bodhi is a gentle spirit and very friendly after he gets to know you. He is a pup in nature. He was surrendered by a very good man who has severe health issues and wanted him to have a good place to live.


Shadow is a mischievous female and quite young. She came from the same residence as Bodhi. She is a curious girl and will steal anything she can when people are working in the habitat . She has a mysterious nature to her and is anxious when people are around.

Human and Wolf-Dog Interaction

When interacting with the animals and looking into their eyes, humans experience a sense of remembering who they are and receive unconditional affection and contact with a sentient being who does not judge them. The animals have difficulty trusting and show their anxiety through their body language. Humans who suffer from various habitual patterns recognize this and are able to relate in a manner that requires stillness and patience. In return, this assists the animals and the humans in establishing a relationship that is authentic.

When you come to visit and sit inside the enclosures, I always ask “What story do you want them to know about you?” I hear many times from those who interact with the animals “my mind stops racing and I am present. It is a relief to just slow down and not have my brain going a thousand miles per minute.” In our experiences at Song of the Wolf Healing Center, the adults who sit in the habitats with our animals also revert to having childlike qualities, laughing and allowing innocence and curiosity to be their guiding force.

Animals can test boundaries in a manner that requires your attention and people quickly learn about their own boundaries. Many humans who suffer from various wounds/illnesses are misunderstood; do not trust; and are highly anxious and sensitive individuals. The animals also have these attributes, due to the fact, humans have been their predators. And if these animals can trust again and come up to people, it can have a powerful healing impact. We can tailor specific programs to each organization depending on their intentions and goals.