Our Mission and Vision

Song of the Wolf Healing Center offers a variety of exposure to the animals and therapeutic activities. Our vision is to create a sacred, healing space for all who enter.

People who struggle with addiction and mental health issues are incredibly sensitive creatures, and wolf-dogs reflect this to us due to the fact, they too are attuned to their environment and are highly intuitive sentient beings.

The wolf-human bond has been going on for many centuries. The First Peoples lived in harmony with all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants.. Wolves taught us how to hunt, build dens, and live in packs (families). Our connection to these beautiful creatures runs deep in our DNA.

Addicts and those struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) do not trust. Placing yourself mindfully with these animals creates a bond. These animals know who you are before you even sit down in their spaces. Sitting with our animals teaches people to trust again and be present in the moment. The minds of those struggling with PTSD is constantly churning. To sit with these animals and allow their mind to rest, and be present is truly a gift. This practice helps humans to remember their bodies, tune into their environment, the Earth, and it allows them to be young again. Our primary objective is to create a safe space for the animals and humans; educate humans on the importance of these animals for our environment; and provide the opportunity for healing to occur in the animal-human relationship.

Our History

Song of the Wolf Healing Center opened in December 2016 with the goal of offering a safe haven for abused, unwanted, confiscated and surrendered wolf-dog hybrids as well as offering animal-assisted therapeutic activities for individuals struggling with PTSD and addiction.

Individual and Group Therapeutic Activities

Several addiction treatment centers come to Song of the Wolf Healing Center and engage in work projects. This gives individuals the experience of taking ownership in something that is bigger than themselves. Many humans who are suffering have lost the ability to feel good about themselves and their contributions to the world.

Work projects begin re-introducing those basic core concepts of contributing and feeling good about doing a job well. It also instills confidence and a sense of belonging.

Groups can come up fora volunteer experience and engage with the animals by sitting in the habitats. Individual therapists are welcome to schedule time with their client(s) to come have experiences on the land and with the animals. Retreats are also welcome to schedule events to come be with the land and the animals. These types of experiences are tailored to fit your needs and financial costs will be based on time needed for your group and/or individual.

Mary Ann McCain, President and Principal Director, has been a licensed therapist for many years, and will be the contact person for such events. Contact us if you have questions about developing a program specifically to meet your needs.

Goals of the Program

  • Allow you to have the experience of doing service work and feeling good again about how you are contributing to community, the Earth, and the animals
  • Build confidence in a sacred environment that you can take ownership of and help others with their struggles
  • Be still and sit with your shadow and light….knowing the animals will accept you if you are able to accept yourself
  • Teach you how to respect the Earth, yourselves, and the animals
  • Feel the connection to the child within you who was in awe of such encounters with animals and the Earth
  • Participate in healing rituals that you create or help create
  • Have fun in nature
  • Relax your brain, learn to be quiet and listen
  • Connect with others in a authentic manner

We are in Transition!

We are in the process of fundraising and looking for new land! If you’d like to donate to our mission please hit the Donate Now button to become a donor or if you’d like to remain updated on our progress fill out our Contact Us form to opt-in for updates from SOTWHC. This will keep you updated on our progress and let you know when we are accepting visitors!