Song of the Wolf

Healing Center


Song of The Wolf Healing Center is a non-profit organization for abused, unwanted, confiscated and surrendered wolf-dog hybrids. Our focus is on healing the mind and the spirit through the bonds of human-animal interaction. We feature educational workshops, volunteering and animal-assisted therapeutic activities. This is a healing center for all.



If we help heal the animals, Mother Earth will begin to heal, and when this occurs, the people will remember many things they have forgotten; those sacred spaces and places we once called home. This can only bring good into our lives and the lives of others.

Mary Ann McCain
President and Principal Director

We are in Transition!

We are in the process of fundraising and looking for new land! If you’d like to donate to our mission please hit the Donate Now button to become a donor or if you’d like to remain updated on our progress fill out our Contact Us form to opt-in for updates from SOTWHC. This will keep you updated on our progress and let you know when we are accepting visitors!